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Thanks to the combination of Narrowband IoT technology, along with the simplicity of the Plug & Play system, we deliver user-friendly and comprehensive electronic solutions designed for installation on water meters. These solutions guarantee remote access to data, billing, maintenance, and configuration of the water supply network. PLUM devices are equipped with technology that enables the implementation of IoT concepts, utilizing the existing transmission infrastructure of telecommunications network operators.


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We are developing electronics for intelligent energy management in IoT systems within the water and sewage industry. Our goal is to provide devices that facilitate the operations of water and sewage enterprises in terms of billing efficiency and network monitoring.
We deliver solutions that meet the technical requirements of European and global markets. We offer OEM solutions that cater to individual customer needs in the areas of remote billing and monitoring of water and sewage networks. We provide full implementation and post-sales support for product development and maintenance.

Our production takes place in Poland, ensuring product delivery reliability through local manufacturing that is fully quality-controlled. We design devices that are competitive and interoperable, meaning they can collaborate with devices from other providers.

Our focus is on developing and delivering electronics that enable effective management of water resources utilizing the Internet of Things.


While working on solutions for remote meter reading, monitoring, and diagnostics of water supply networks, we were guided by a vision of comprehensively meeting the needs of manufacturers, integrators of measurement systems, providers of comprehensive Smart City solutions, and water companies. We offer solutions that ensure effective data transmission from challenging locations, thereby increasing the efficiency and cost savings of water and sewage enterprises. Our products are tailored to the needs of both commercial and industrial solutions. We manufacture ready-made electronic solutions designed to collaborate with water meters from leading brands. We effectively utilize the concept of remote data access and harness the power of the Internet of Things.

remote reading
of water meters

Remote reading of water meters in stationary mode or monitoring and diagnostics of water and sewage networks. All managed from the desk without the need for visits by meter readers or service trips. Our solution is dedicated to those who diagnose and seek answers to challenges related to meter reading in the water supply process and need insights for optimizing the technological and cost aspects of their enterprise.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a remote, cost-effective, user-friendly, and secure solution for managing and billing water consumption. This directly translates into savings and enhances the competitiveness of the enterprise in the market. By employing IoT-based technology, we optimize processes and the efficiency of water supply systems.

for whom
do we create our solutions

manufacturers and integrators
of water and sewage measurement systems

providers of comprehensive
smart city solutions

water utility


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IoT telemetry module

MacR6 N

Water flow and pressure data logger

MacREJ 5 W

Water supply network parameter data logger for SCADA systems


Plum devices configuration software

ConfIT! data loggers

Configuration application for data loggers

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MCE 2024 trade fair summary

MCE 2024 trade fair summary

Thank you for the opportunity to make new business contacts and for the fruitful discussions on the future of the HVAC industry, it drives us to action. With heads full of ideas, we get to work. Invariably, we want to be part of our customers’ great projects.

new brand, </br>new plum’s services

new brand,
new plum’s services

We’ve established a new industry called PLUM EMS, which involves comprehensive electronics assembly on demand. We’re launching a B2B order platform tailored to our business clients.

focus </br>on IoT

on IoT

At Plum, we create electronics for effective energy management, and we want to do it remotely. Learn more about IoT-based electronics in the HVAC, gas, and water supply industries.

the new version </br>of Plum

the new version
of Plum

After more than three decades of delivering electronics that improve energy efficiency in sectors like gas, HVAC, and water, we have boldly outlined a new chapter in our history. We are undergoing a rebranding process, redefining our purpose, the direction of our actions, and ultimately, our image.